Student Evaluation System (CCE Software)

Student Evaluation System (CCE Software)

Report cards play a significant role in assessing or evaluating the performance of a student. However, creating a report card for each student in a class is a tedious and time-consuming job for any staff member. As the CCE system integrates scholastic and co-scholastic skills in the report card, data entry can become a mundane and cumbersome task. In such cases, manual entries have to be constantly double checked for errors, resulting in a great deal of burden for the teachers.

The Student Evaluation module in Oréll Campus CCE is designed to meticulously streamline the entire process of report card creation, making it easier and convenient for the staff members. The software offers in-built support for Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments and Term Assessments along with their respective weightages. In addition, the software also has configurable settings where the faculty can add new subjects and indicators, according to the school’s requirement.

The entire school data could be easily accessed online with valid credentials. Moreover, CCE report cards can be viewed online as well as downloaded if necessary. All the available reports can be downloaded and exported to multiple formats such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format. The software facilitates the conversion of marks to respective grades, generation of report cards as per the CBSE guidelines, effective management of workflow and functions as a repository for student and teacher data. Report cards can be printed in the prescribed CBSE format along with school logo and personalized student data.


  • Makes report card generation an easy, convenient and efficient process.
  • Saves a teacher’s time that is otherwise spent on creating report cards for students.
  • Grades of students are automatically calculated and printed.
  • The software is user-friendly, web-based and operates on Intranet. Even if the internet is down, the software can still function properly on the local network.
  • The reports can be easily printed and exported in various formats such as Pdf, Excel etc.
  • Fully customizable software which enables a school to modify it as per its requirements.
  • Designed according to the CBSE guidelines.
  • Effective validation and management of data – The software provides enhanced data security and handles mismanagement.
  • Result analysis as per the requirements of the school
  • Report cards can be sent to each students /parents e-mail
  • Report cards can be downloaded from the school’s website
  • Provides class-wise scores of all subjects
  • Scholastic Areas, Co-Scholastic Areas, Health details & Attendance of the student can be easily accessed.

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