Web Management System

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Web Management System

The Schooberry Cyber Campus Module is a web-based online portal accessible for staff, students and parents. It facilitates the information sharing between the main stakeholders of any school i.e. the staff, students and parents. Besides, the students are allowed to exchange meaningful and thoughtful ideas in the discussion forums. The various functionalities in the module helps in reducing the communication gap which acts as an obstacle for the performance evaluation of students.

HCM offers a virtual classroom experience for the students providing advanced content lectured by professionals in their field. It enables the staff to create projects and assignments and schedule them for a whole class. There are online provisions for submitting assignments and grading them. The lesson notes and notice boards are accessible from the portal, allowing you to complete the curriculum whenever and wherever according to your convenience. The staff can also access personal information regarding profile, payroll, activities etc online.

The student login option in Schooberry Cyber Campus Module enables students to view and submit the assignments scheduled for them. The open discussion forum helps both the parents and students to air their opinions in a unique and resourceful method ensuring that all voices are heard. As an online portal, Schooberry Cyber Campus Module guarantees that students and parents are always informed about academic and non-academic activities along with all the important notices in school. Opinion polls on teacher performance are instrumental in keeping the staff on their toes.

At a glance:

  • Viewing of :
      Student Profile
      Exam results
      Fee information
      Admission details
      Holidays & Events
      Academic Calendar
  • Act as a collaboration tool between staff and students
  • Open discussion forum to improve communication
  • Provide lesson notes to students
  • Online creation and scheduling of assignment
  • Online submission of assignments and grading of submitted assignment
  • Creating and sending notices for students and parents
  • Evaluation of a faculty through opinion polls
  • Close monitoring of students
  • Separate login for staff, student and parent
  • Integrate local and web databases
  • Single/multiple student view for parents
  • Scrutinize attendance/ absent notification in message box
  • View performance report in sports, arts and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Fee payment reminders with list of pending dues
  • Send email & SMS messages to teachers, hostel warden, etc
  • Manual and automatic back up
  • Dynamic creation of custom reports
  • Facility to send greetings to students/parents via SMS and email

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