Timetable Management System

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Timetable Management System

Planning and maintaining timetables is a risky task for educators. Creating timetables for classes include total working hours available, syllabus and subject, faculty availability, optional subjects and many such parameters. Schooberry Scheduler Protocol will just not create an ideal timetable for your school, but also helps to optimize and utilize the resources of your school. The Scheduler protocol module is perfectly designed to suit the dynamic needs and accessibility of human and physical resources. Ease of integration with the campus portal is indeed an added advantage.
HSP gives you unique flexibility providing chance to create your desired timetable considering all your school’s requirements. It also sets the total working hours applicable to each class and faculty in the school. Scheduler Protocol helps to combine common papers for different classes into one period thus optimizing the available recourses. Substitution allotment can also be made if the assigned faculty is not available. As the module is incorporated with a database management system, the information regarding timeslot availability, lecturer availability, etc can be obtained very easily. Thus, HSP saves your precious time, effort and money in a satisfied manner.

At a glance:

  • Individual period setting for each class
  • Option to assign period settings to the whole school
  • Absence criteria setting for different sessions
  • Syllabus-wise paper allotment for each subject with hours of instruction
  • Allotment of faculty for each paper
  • Creation of many trial timetables and one final master timetable
  • Choice of creating timetable manually or automatically
  • Track absentee instructors
  • Staff replacement option allows new staff to take over paper allotments of old staff.
  • Automatic generation of staff timetable
  • Group creation and student allotment for optional subjects
  • Combined class settings for common papers
  • Daily class activity recorder
  • Substitution Allotment for faculty on leave
  • Prevents Overlapping of two subjects in an hour
  • Automatically manage to make sure that total number of periods set for a week and hours allotted for all subjects in a week are same
  • Conflict Control ( Prevention from Clashes between Teachers & Duplicate periods )
  • Track Teachers Working Hours by Day / Period / Subject wise
  • Statistical report of Substitution Allotment in detail
  • Detailed checklist of work allotment – Class / Teacher wise

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