Staff Evaluation System

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Staff Evaluation System

The most practical and meaningful teacher evaluation entails precise appraisal of the instruction methodologies, its strengths and areas for improvement, followed by feedback, training, support and opportunity for professional development. Schooberry Workforce Monitor is a fully automated smart solution for teacher evaluation thereby improving education quality across academic areas. It enables comprehensive evaluation system and generation of integrated performance reports. Through the enhancement of educational and staff quality, you can ensure the overall performance of your school.

HWM is a performance monitoring protocol that documents workforce knowledge and skill both for formal certification and for staff support and improvement. It helps to create and upload opinion polls onto the school website for the faculty evaluation by students and parents through the Cyber Campus portal. The results of the polls are assessed and reviewed for improving the educational level in diverse academic areas (e.g., science and arts). HWM is an easy-to-integrate solution that not only monitors staff performance but also improves teaching methods to augment student achievements.

At a glance:

  • Performance monitoring module
  • Creation of evaluation parameters according to requirements
  • Create multiple number of polls against all staff
  • Generation of staff-wise/ department-wise/ poll-wise report
  • Evaluation based on exam/result
  • Evaluation based on attendance and punctuality
  • Adding poll parameter
  • Create opinion poll with various parameters
  • Smart way of automated teacher evaluation
  • Integration with student portal so that students can poll online
  • Evaluation based on confidential student/parent feedback
  • Flexibility in parameter settings
  • Easily customizable rating scales
  • Multiple number of polls possible at the same time

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