Payroll Management System

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Payroll Management System

Payroll management is one of the most complex accounting transactions which deals with the process of paying employees for the services they render. In a school environment, payroll calculation revolves around all teaching and nonteaching staff. The first and foremost mission of the payroll department is to ensure whether all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct bonuses and deductions. The Schooberry Payroll Wizard is a versatile payroll calculating software that incorporates basic salary structure, bonuses and leaves, advances and loans taken, considering the government defined PF/Gratuity/HRA/ESI rules with the utmost perfection.
HPW is a multi-faceted payroll management solution that is tailored to the specific needs of each school's local schedule with its own settings, preferences, and modifications. Other than computing employee pay, HPW processes leave accrual/usage, determines eligibility for benefits generating salary statements, and pay slips as well as optional linkage of loans/advances with transport charges. This fully automated payroll software reduces the work load of administrators and ensures confidentiality while producing error-free information at maximum speed in tandem with the Cyber Campus Module. Smart working and saving precious man hours is the specialty of HPW.

At a glance:

  • Employee Admittance
  • Assigning salary structure and pay grade
  • Setting Loan criteria and interest charges
  • Setting Leave types and allowances
  • Allocate holidays and work shifts
  • Enter bank details for salary remittance
  • Retrieve attendance details of employees
  • Leave management– Application, Approval and Reapplication
  • Over-Time management– Application, Approval and Management
  • Loan management- Application, Approval and Issue
  • Salary Advance payment upon application
  • Monthly Heads Entry for Variable Earnings and Deductions
  • Generate accurate, updated Individual Pay slips
  • View Comprehensive reports in summary/detailed-individual wise, department wise or as a whole organization.
  • Salary Earnings and Deductions can be set for structures.
  • Variable pay entry for individual staff.
  • Automated year-end reporting
  • Pay slips and annual reports archived for future reference.
  • Zero error in Salary calculation due to automation.
  • Reduces Time for the Payroll process and thereby reduces cost.
  • Compatibility with Biometric attendance devices and RFID devices.

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