Fee Management System

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Fee Management System

Financial administration is one of the crucial responsibilities of the school management. As the fee management is a risky and complex task which consumes a lot of time and effort, it is beneficial to use the productive fee management software from the house of Oréll Schooberry. The Schooberry Fee Administration is a smart fee management solution with options for both common and individual fee settings tracking the records of your school students’ past, future and current fee billing / payment collection receipts. Advance fee collection, fee cancellation, due reports, receipt printing and refunding options are provided.
The collection of fee based on student-wise, class-wise or school-wise makes the administration work easier. Schooberry Fee Administration software makes working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paperless Management.
HFA is an excellent school fee management solution offering flawless streaming of fee related data effortlessly for the scrutiny of authorized personnel at all times. This user-friendly module not only simplifies the strenuous task of manual fee administration but also makes it easy-to-learn according to the user’s convenience. Apart from aiding financial recording, HFA monitors every fee receipt -- old, current, and those that need to be issued in the future. It highlights fee defaulters/excesses credited, sends e-reminders, maintains a comprehensive record of dues/receipts and provides a summary of fees collected at any point of time, as well as linking it to your financial accounting system. The 100% security and the added capacity of generating over 25 reports tailor-made to suit the school requirements make HFA a world-class solution that you just cannot afford to do without.

At a glance:

  • Define any type of Fees
  • Individual and class-wise Fee Assignments
  • Fee Amount assignments at Class & Student Level
  • Fine criteria settings
  • Individual fine settings
  • Deduction criteria settings
  • Variety of reports on Dues and Collections.
  • Multi Level reporting– student-wise, school-wise, class-wise etc
  • Reduces the work load of Accounts Department.
  • Real Time reconciliation of Dues (Fees, Conveyance, Fine etc)
  • Reduces manpower, costs and increase the efficiency
  • Easy to Customize
  • World class design and easy to understand.
  • Net banking and credit card payment options can be integrated.
  • Alerts/ reminders can be sent students/parents
  • Fluid master fee setting
  • Assign fee particulars commonly -- school-wise, class-wise, division-wise, etc.
  • Flexibility of assignment -- pupil-wise & facilities-wise
  • Penal fee generation if any
  • Deductions/concessions class-wise/individual
  • Refundable fee management
  • Advance fee remittance option
  • Fee collection -- total summary/item-wise
  • Detailed reports
  • Fee e-alerts -- for dues/payments
  • Multi-point access
  • Easy to incorporate with bank / net banking
  • Pack data record locking with 100% firewalling

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