Conveyance Management System

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Conveyance Management System

Transportation plays a crucial role in the efficient running of any school. Only if students and staff reach the school safely on time will the daily functioning of the school ensue without any interruption. Those who are associated with the school bus operation may know the complexity and pain behind the planning, scheduling and faultless execution of transportation facility throughout the academic year. Schooberry Bus Router Module is a comprehensive solution to all transportation issues faced by schools. It is specifically designed to minimize the manual effort and tedium in vehicle availability, route designing, and student transportation along with the calculation of trip details like distance run, expense incurred, fare settings etc.
HBR has been built to engineer the works of the transport department from ground up. It optimizes the availability of the school buses and staff drivers. The Bus Router is a perfect tool that is ideal for route management and the student pickup reducing the ride time, mileage driven and cost. HBR monitors vehicle insurance, accident record and vehicle service record so that the vehicles and drivers are always ready and competent.
HBR gives alert incase of harsh driving, over speed, breakdowns or accidents. It not only handles the complex and continually changing variables in school conveyance, but also generates traveler details (distinguishing employees and scholars), pickup points, dues, defaulters, vehicle allocation, insurance statuses, daily/collective reports etc making the nightmarish task of transport management seem like child's play!

At a glance:

  • Route management and optimization
  • Congestion reduction through perfect stage creation
  • Transportation affordability calculation
  • Fare setting based on student/class/vehicle wise
  • Stage/Stop settings
  • Dual conveyance allocation -- class-wise and student-wise
  • Conveyance schedules
  • Driver and helper allocation
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel charges
  • Route stop details
  • Staff/ Student detail and their boarding points
  • Mundane bus log
  • Contractor/owner details for all vehicles
  • Vehicle service details
  • Insurance claim details
  • Accident particulars
  • Tax payment information
  • Daily trip meter and daily expense calculation
  • Student/Staff allocation to routes/stages/vehicles.

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