Alumni Management System

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Alumni Management System

Alumni associations are considered as the integral part of a school and its efficient running. It keeps the former students involved, builds attachment to the school, and thus school can rely on the association members in case of any financial needs. Schooberry Alumni Sleuth is an interactive platform where former students can interact among themselves and with the school after their education. Alumni Sleuth gives current students a stage to interact with and learn from their seniors who left the school. The Alumni Portal is linked to your school website and can be accessed using a user name and password after initial signup.
HAS is a well-designed social networking site for the active participation of the alumni of the school. Users can create different groups, add members to groups, post messages, plan events and meetings and view school news. The alumni directory works as a powerful search tool with flexible search functionality and robust user-interface. HAS promotes excellent job search functionality which can be used beneficially by prospective employers and alumni alike.

At a glance:

  • New group creation
  • Adding new members to groups
  • Editing user profile
  • Post messages online
  • New member approval
  • View school events
  • Event participation reports
  • School news portal
  • Alumni Directory with search facility
  • Resume posting
  • Employer review
  • Planning reunions and meeting
  • Calendar of events
  • Image gallery

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