International Clients

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International Clients

Oréll operates in the education sector for more than one decade with a strong client base of over 5000 clients in 50+ countries providing a wide range of technology solutions including OréllTalk (Language Lab Software), Oréll eDo (eLearning Software), Schooberry (Campus Management ERP Solution), eShelf (Digital Library), EduGrievance (Grievance Redressal System) and many more. With our 10 million-plus users, Oréll is consistently ranked as one of the premier companies providing top quality education technology solutions worldwide.

  • Peculiar International school, Accra, Ghana (Schooberry )
  • Pasxcel Academy, Puchong, Malaysia (Oréll eDo)
  • Online School Uganda is a Company of Evolve Consultancy Ltd., Uganda (Oréll eDo)
  • Hope Higher Institute of Healthcare Professions, Cameroon (Oréll eDo & Schooberry)
  • Egyptian Center, Kuwait (Oréll eDo)
  • BM Telecomms And Networks Co Ltd, Tanzania (OréllTalk)
  • ABC Engineering Ltd, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Federal College of Education, Katsina, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Australian Airline Pilot Academy - AAPA, Australia (OréllTalk)
  • Al Huda Learning Centre, USA (OréllTalk)
  • Hearts for Humanity Inc, Florida, USA (eShelf)
  • EducaVision Inc, USA (eShelf)
  • Sonivision S.A, Costa Rica, South America (OréllTalk)
  • LINT (Londrina Tecnologia da Informacao SA), Brazil (OréllTalk)
  • The Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan (OréllTalk)
  • Omareyah School, Jordan (OréllTalk)
  • AKTCO, Jordan (OréllTalk)
  • Atlas Educational Institute, Dubai, U.A.E (OréllTalk)
  • San Francisco General Trading Entnterprises, Dubai, U.A.E (OréllTalk)
  • Al Siraj Educational Institute LLC, Ajman, U.A.E (OréllTalk)
  • Private International English School, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E (OréllTalk)
  • Indian School Al Ain, UAE (OréllTalk)
  • Delhi Private School, U.A.E (OréllTalk)
  • Global Education Mission, Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E (OréllTalk)
  • Black Stone FZE, Sharja, U.A.E (OréllTalk – 6 Labs)
  • Ministry of Defense, Royal Saudi Land Forces, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Buraydah Private College, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Jabal Al Farasan International School, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Arabian Pipeline & Services Co.Limited, Jubail, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Al-Manar International School, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Radhwa International School, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Saudi Electronics & Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI), Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk)
  • Networkers East, Saudi Arabia (OréllTalk – 2 Labs)
  • Indian Educational School, Kuwait (OréllTalk)
  • Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait (OréllTalk)
  • Indian Learners Own Academy, Kuwait (OréllTalk)
  • Shantiniketan Indian School SIS, Qatar (OréllTalk – 2 Labs)
  • Bahrain International School, Bahrain
  • Arab Open University, Oman (OréllTalk)
  • Islamic University, Iraq (OréllTalk)
  • Diyala University, Iraq (OréllTalk)
  • University of Mosul Extension – QaraQosh, Iraq (OréllTalk)
  • Learners UAE, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (Oréll eDo)
  • Microbiology E.A. Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya (Oréll eDo)
  • Beacon College, (Malelane, South Africa) (Schooberry)
  • Bridging Gaps School, Lekki, Nigeria (Schooberry)
  • Skymax Integrated Network Ltd, Nigeria (eShelf)
  • University of Jos, Nigeria (e-Shelf)
  • COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology Attock (OréllTalk)
  • Kufa University, Iraq (OréllTalk)
  • Al-Thakira for I.T, Iraq (OréllTalk – 10 Labs)
  • Domnican Sister, Iraq (OréllTalk)
  • Billabong High EPS International School, Maldives (OréllTalk)
  • Islanders Maldives, Maldives (OréllTalk)
  • Modern Academy for Professional Studies, Maldives (Schooberry)
  • FALIM Group, Maldives (Schooberry)
  • Highlands Intl. Boarding School, Malaysia (OréllTalk)
  • Sekolah Menengah Swasta Saleha, Malaysia (OréllTalk)
  • Wise English, Kajang, Malaysia (OréllTalk)
  • Asian College of Technology, Philippines (OréllTalk)
  • National Teachers College, Philippines (OréllTalk)
  • Gabriel Taborin College, Philippines (OréllTalk & eShelf)
  • Gandhi Memorial International School, Indonesia (Schooberry)
  • Solata Aviation & Training Centre, Indonesia (OréllTalk)
  • Al Bayyinah School, Pekanbaru – Riau, Indonesia (OréllTalk)
  • Netxoft, Indonesia (OréllTalk)
  • Language Learning Center (LLC), Taiwan (OréllTalk)
  • International University, Cambodia (OréllTalk)
  • Ngoi Sao Ky Thuat So Trading & Service Corporation, Vietnam (OréllTalk)
  • Lasbela University, Balouchistan, Pakistan (OréllTalk)
  • The Citizens Forum, Pakistan (OréllTalk)
  • Awaysians Protalk, Pakistan (OréllTalk)
  • Intermark, Karachi, Pakistan (OréllTalk)
  • Unique Business Systems, Dhaka, Bangladesh (OréllTalk)
  • WLDMS School, Bhutan (OréllTalk)
  • Ministry of Education, Lagos State, Nigeria (OréllTalk - 7 Labs)
  • University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Kebbi University, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Nkisi Regent School, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Greensprings Educational Services Ltd, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Katsina University, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Samboye Ventures, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
  • Blue Chip Communications Ltd, Nigeria (OréllTalk)
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