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Benefits of conducting Live Virtual Classes through Orell eDo eLearning Software

Lately, we have seen a surge in educational software development realm as it has become a necessity to resort to virtual means of Education. But choosing an eLearning platform for your institute can be a bit tricky for there can be lack of reliability for those providers mushroomed during to Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. When you seek technical support from a firm, always look for their credibility, success rate and years of activity in the field. You may go for the most mainstream software like Zoom calls and normal video calls but at the end of the day, they are not custom made for education. Orell Technosystem’s Orell eDo eLearning Platform with Online Live Class facility not only is customized for Virtual learning but also conforms to the specific individualistic options each institute may want in their eLearning system. It ensures exceptional balance of visual, audio and practical methodologies so that the users are engaged and provided with the optimum learning experience. Let’s look into some unique features of Orell eDo.

  • Course planner
  • Lesson composer
  • Live virtual class
  • Time table
  • Attendance management
  • Online exam
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