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News:- Why Oréll Discipline Management System Necessary in Schools?

Whether it is in school or college, parents and staff are concerned about the student disciplinary issues of misconduct and violence in the campuses. Various types of incidents such as bullying, fights, possession of drugs, sexual assault, harassment, fighting etc are reported frequently in schools and colleges. Effective discipline management is crucial to create a peaceful and creative learning atmosphere for students. Schooberry Discipline Management solution is the top management module to handle disciplinary incidents reinforcing positive ambience in the institution.

Schooberry Discipline Management module simplifies the tracking of student disciplinary incidents and reporting thereby reinforcing positive behaviour and helping students to learn in a collaborative atmosphere. It also enables the staff to take strong disciplinary actions against misbehaving students to ensure prevention of such unfortunate incidents in future. The software is capable of capturing discipline incident data comprising details of the disobedient student, victim, grade, location etc in a very comprehensive manner. The detailed report generated by the software helps the staff and parents to view the entire records of discipline incident and action taken on the issue.

Notifications on the student incidents are automatically sent to parents via email/SMS alerts. This helps the parents to improve their interaction with children thereby keeping them far from discipline issues. Parents/Guardians of the student can keep track of their children’s attendance, changes in the grade and other behavioural activities in real time through this discipline management system.
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