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News:- Unique library automation with Schooberry Library Genie

Managing the entire activities pertaining to a library might be one of the strenuous tasks for library staff. In this era of technological advancements, every institution wants to operate their library in the most up-to-date way keeping all the transactions paperless and automated. Schooberry campus management software is an all in one solution which is exclusively designed for administering and maintaining all the operations in a campus.

Library Genie, the unique library automation module integrated with Schooberry addresses all the needs and procedures associated with library operations.

Library Genie provides for issuance and return of library collection, barcode facility, reserving books, generate and maintain book catalogues and many more.

Various reports can also be generated for reference purposes. All matters concerning library are covered in the package. In special cases it would be possible to provide some more customized reports. Effortless handling and maintenance of the library collections including books, CDs, documents and other equipments is the speciality of Library Genie. The library staff need not worry about the manual entry of media files, author details, publisher details, supplier details; library genie will do it simply without wasting time.

Issuing membership cards and sending e-alerts on due dates of return/new arrivals can be done with this sophisticated system without any delay. Schools looking for a well-designed and advanced resource planning system supportive to catalogue books, maintain records of materials issued, returned and overdue, will find Schooberry Library Genie a blessing.
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