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News:- Systematic Management of Your Campus with Schooberry

School Management ERP is a new wave technology in the education sector to organise lengthy campus procedures and administrative tasks such as student attendance, fee management, student enrolment, exam management and many more. With the advent of school automation system, the need for extra manual labour has been eliminated and it automates all kinds of manual paperwork in effortless way.

It would not be wrong to say that the school management software serves as a backbone of any school. The need for flawless administration and paperless works is the major advantage of School automation system. At the same time the teachers need to evaluate student activities and keep the parents informed about their ward performance and activities in the institution.

Schooberry school automation system is to streamline the functions of the school in a very precise and time-saving manner. It is one of the modern, customizable and integrated school management software that can render complete automation of the administrative chores. It makes campus operations easier for everybody concerned in the management of a school. The software provides a single secure database structure which organises and retrieves real-time information. Thus, all functions and activities related to students, teachers, employees, management and courses can be managed effectively. By using this software, you can save time and money needed for staff training and other paperwork.

Not only in school but also in higher educational institutions, Schooberry works perfectly managing all the important academic and non-academic operations. With its 24 modules integrated with cutting-edge features, Schooberry school management software is now indispensable for schools, colleges and universities to effectively systematise the processes.
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