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News:- Student Feedback & Rating with School Automation System

Most educational institutions evaluate their students in terms of their learning, class performance participation and more. With technological advancements, schools and colleges can conduct online surveys to evaluate the course, teaching and students’ learning issues in the classroom. School management software nowadays provides different options to gain the feedback of students about their academic requirements and problems they face. Schooberry school automation system is a one stop solution which helps the students to rate the teaching and academic provisions.

The main benefit of the system is its facility to track and improve learning and teaching excellence. Through the continuous evaluation of students and pedagogical standards with the online remarks received, teachers can improve the teaching model and maximise student involvement in leading and increase their overall performance and responses. Students can rate their teachers and give genuine feedback through campus portal and this helps the students to share their experience and give anonymous feedbacks. The institution can calculate the rating of the teacher, taking the average of the polls students entered. The institution can thus ensure accurate and authentic results on each teacher and the course. The online polling is very much helpful to save time and the institution need not do the tedious process of printing survey questionnaire and keeping paper-based survey reports for further evaluation processes.

Students can fill in their responses at any time, at their convenience. Moreover, the automated polling system evaluates the survey responses and generates reports within seconds. It eliminates human involvement in evaluation and also survey results will be transparent enough to take further actions by the institution.
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