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News:- State-of-the-art Communication with School Automation System

It is very much significant that parents always want to know whether their children’s school is aware of their progress, and if something fails, they need to receive the information as soon as possible. Schooberry school automation system is designed in such a way to maintain effective and secure communication between teachers, students, and parents. Through the online mode of communication, institution can save a lot of paper, time, money and human labour.

In earlier times, teacher and staff had to issue notes or put messages in students’ diary to inform parents about the academic and non-academic events and students’ progress in the institution. The school management system makes this communication transparent and accessible to all the stakeholders of the institution. It is a secure, confidential and efficient communication mode which enables instant messaging through web mobile applications. The management of parents can be done through the portal added in the software. It has an excellent feature and is that the messages send are unlimited in which we can include any file or document.

The ability to communicate with students and parents in a fast, safe and effective way is another speciality of the software. Teacher can report any alerts, student enhancements, or any unusual behaviour. Students need to be careful about skipping classes without a justified cause and telling lies. It allows students to maintain contact with teachers and the school, learn exciting news, get announcement of different activities and news by the institution or teachers. This parent teacher communication module makes it possible to manage data and communication between the educational units.
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