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News:- Schooberry School Automation System for Improved Outcome

High quality teaching and better academic services are essential to improve student outcomes and achievement. To ensure whether the students are properly treated and academically fulfilled, a good performance appraisal system is necessary for every educational institution.

Performance evaluation system provides teachers and non-teaching staff with meaningful appraisals that encourage professional learning and opportunities to improve. Schooberry workforce Monitor is the system specifically designed to foster teacher growth and identify opportunities for further support if necessary.

By using this Schooberry module, students and parents can rate the performance of teachers and the methodologies and strategies they adopt in classrooms for teaching and student achievement. Through the performance evaluation, teachers can achieve their full potential enabling students to attain high levels of performance in academic and extracurricular activities With Schooberry Workforce Monitor (SWM) that uses automated process and report generation, you can easily evaluate the teaching staff's skills and competencies. The administrator can assess the competencies and skills of the staff they want to evaluate and provide detailed accounts of different levels of performance for better consistent ratings. Through this performance appraisal system, the institution management can consider highly proficient teachers for salary increment and others for improvement courses. The handy reports generated by the system will let you assess, review and compare multiple teacher appraisal results from an institution.

The automated staff evaluation system integrating student& parent portal for opinion polls helps to get ratings and comments on teachers. The easily customizable rating scales and flexibility in parameter settings makes SWM beneficial for medium or large sized institution. In short, the smart way of programmed teacher evaluation is valuable for maintaining high standard of the institution.
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