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News:- Schooberry School Automation System: Top Assessment Tool for Optimal Outcome

With the evolution of school education software, student assessment has become easy for educators and examiners. Schooberry school automation system with its examination module favours outcome-based learning, which enhances the education standard of schools. This automated system helps teachers tension-free about paper-based assessments and the valuation and scoring associated with it.

Educators can reap numerous academic benefits including curriculum mapping, lesson planning, scheduling, assessment, grading/ranking and more. Teachers can track students’ progress in real-time with this software. It provides a comprehensive management of assessment process in the institution. Schooberry enables automation of the entire examination processes thus helping teachers and students to save a lot of time. The system is integrated with latest technology tools to meet challenging demands of any institution of learning, regardless of magnitude or syllabus complexity. The efficient and easy-to-use features of Schooberry enable streamlined processing of examination procedures and make it an essential tool for every school or college.

The automated system is effective to conduct outcome-based assessments and for online tests, entrance exams and other terminal examinations in a very innovative manner. It also helps to publish the result instantly thereby analysing the performance and learning progress of students. Schooberry with its continuous endeavour using advanced tools and options enables academic management to serve the students and instructors better.
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