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News:- SWG- an Effective School Automation System to Govern your Staff

Keeping records of staff is essential for every organisation, especially educational institutions. Most of the educational institutions try staff management solutions for storing and maintaining the information related to a staff. Schooberry School Automation System is a simple yet comprehensive solution for updating the information of the candidates got enrolled as staff in the institution.

Workforce Governor of Schooberry lets you make the admission procedures of the institute staff easy in a fast pace. You can enter the academic and other relevant data of the staff including their qualification, skills, training, leave, schedule, courses, grade, attendance and contact details just like in the student admission process. Schooberry Workforce Governor also has the ability to add custom fields to track information in real-time. The staff can be classified into teaching and non-teaching staff, create designation with grades and pay scale. Besides creating the staff profile, SWG helps the administrative department to generate vacancies, enter the details of staff such as years of experience, photo and signature. The integration of barcode and biometric system along with ID card generation is the added advantages of this school management software module.

With the deployment of Workforce Governor, the administrative department of the institute need not keep separate files for all the staff. This centralised platform will create the staff details with unique ID code. The user-friendly interface and fully-automated processing of SWG makes the staff admission processes effortless and easy to retrieve. .
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