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News:- Plan and Organize Your School Events with SEM

Event Manager is an innovative module of Schooberry School Automation System from Oréll. If you are worried about the organising and managing of your school events, then Schooberry is the ultimate solution. With Schooberry Event Manager, all the key functions in event organising cycle can be managed effectively without spending a lot of cash to event management people.

Schooberry event management solution offers optimal facilities for online registration of participants, booking, budgeting and speakers/sponsors managing in a fully automated way. The advertisement of the event, registration, event coverage, execution and feedback about the event can be done perfectly through this campus management module. The single database of Schooberry Event manager gathers all major actions and generates accurate reports about the events.

SEM eases the work of school administrative staff providing better way to manage all complex work associated with event organisation. The huge list of this event management system features include online booking of participants, easy screening, integration of resources, event entry, record keeping of event history, customized reports on events, participation and results, e-alerts to students/parents regarding events and results, sorting of students into groups/houses based on the event, result entry and scoring details, campus election supervision with definition of posts, publishing of results etc in a very easy and quick way.

SEM provides user friendly & cost effective management of events ensuring transparency and flexibility in all the core activities. This paperless event automation solution will be an asset for today's modern schools providing facilities to carry out all events and activities of the institution accurately making them fast, easy and effective.
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