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News:- Paperless File Management with Schooberry School Automation Software

For superior document management and paperless office solutions, the choice is Schooberry School Automation System. The prime factor that distinguishes Schooberry from other campus management software is its specialized features in increasing productivity of your institution that spend too much time with sloppy approaches and huge amount of money on document management.

Schooberry File Manager reduces the dependency on paperwork and enables you to manage all files and documents digitally. This document management software helps institute management and administrative department to maximize the efficiency of staff thereby helping them to utilise their potential for other productive chores. The electronic filing system of Schooberry works well with accountants, teachers, HR departments and various other sections to keep record of documents pertaining to schools and college.

With Schooberry File Manager, you can keep the hardcopy as well as softcopy of the paperwork done in the campus. Fewer misfiled documents, minimal time and money etc are the benefits of using SFM in document management. This module increases the efficiency of institute staff and saves money with its secure and user-friendly platform. Schooberry streamlines the entire documentation process and handles the operations in a distinctive way enabling smooth and easy operations with drag and drop options, report generation, file tracking and simple customisation. By using SFM, you shall not put your institute records at risk and need not purchase multiple file

cabinets to store files. Let Schooberry keep your institute documents safe and paperless.
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