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News:- OHS, a True Aid in Hostel Management

The recent years have witnessed an increasing growth in the number of educational institutions with large number of hostels that provide accommodation for students and staff. Hostel wardens usually find it very difficult to manage all the residential facilities of students in a very effective manner. As the name specifies “Hostel Supervisor” is software designed for monitoring and controlling hostel requirements and its administration in a quick and simple way.

Oréll Hostel Supervisor deals with the troubles that occur while managing all the functionalities of the hostel manually. OHS is developed in favour of the hostel administration team which helps them to record and process the details of students, rooms, fees, and other amenities associated with hostel and its inmates. Moreover, the software doesn’t require a tech savvy person to handle and manage the hostel functions. The admin or hostel in charge just need to login and can see all the relevant data related to a student who got registered in the online form. They can verify the entries and allocate rooms as per the unique requirement of the student.

By using Hostel Supervisor module, student will no longer need to apply manually for hostel using registration form. It reduces the pile of paperwork and manual tasks of the administrator thereby helping them to manage all the data from the time of a student’s registration to the moment when he/she vacates the room. It helps the warden/administrator to know the total number of students in a block, their room facilities and fee details etc. at a single mouse click. It also sends e-alerts to the parents regarding their ward’s pending fee, renewed room rent or disciplinary actions taken against them. Along with the hostel management, it ensures safety of the students using biometric technology.

OHS helps the admin to edit and modify the details of student, assign individual fees and group fees collectively after sorting the students into groups. The software is also beneficial to generate reports on hostel inmates and their fee receipts. The software offers high security and data consistency with less human error while handing students’ record. Optimal flexibility and transparency offered by the system makes it outstanding among other hostel management software.
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