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News:- Need for Automating your School/College Administration

School automation systems have many advantages over the traditional administration processing system. With the arrival of automated school management systems, everything from time and attendance tracking to the generation of transfer certificate became quick and easy.

Automated Time and Attendance marking system can help schools and higher education in many ways. There is no doubt that campus management system can help save a lot of time and money by eliminating a great deal of manual processes involved in academic and financial processes. While the automated class attendance system lets teachers to accurately track students’ time in classroom, other modules for finance management, inventory, conveyance, admission, hostel, workforce etc track the precise record of students in a quick way.

Why Schooberry Using Schooberry school automation system helps you reduce paperwork and save time and money with web-based and mobile interface system. It also eliminates duplicate data entry and errors that occur in manual processing. The advanced technology integrated in Schooberry improves transparency in the tracking and management of students’ and faculty data across multi-campuses within a jiffy. Automated calculation of leave, exam evaluation, absentee tracking, admission processing, event management, timetable preparation, fee administration, payroll administration etc makes the campus management easy and trouble-free.

The real-time status tracking of campus processes, biometric and RFID integration makes the easy recording of the attendance of students and faculty. In addition to the automatic calculation of leave and reward points accrued, you can keep the parents informed about the student’s performance via Email & SMS alerts. Increased security and confidentiality are the major benefits of Schooberry over other automation systems.
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