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News:- Mobile App for Student Conveyance

With the evolution of school automation systems, tracking student activities in the campus and their conveyance has become more easy and hassle-free. Tracking of school bus helps the parents as well as school authorities to get of peace of mind about their transportation. Schooberry Bus Router is an effective solution with mobile technology which helps the administrators and parents to feel free about students’ conveyance and bus tracking thereby knowing about the student’s bus ride in real time.

This mobile app is ideal for schools/colleges of any size that need to schedule buses quickly and easily. It helps to add students and vehicles to the schedule and assign students to routes. After the input of students, routes and timings they require for pickup/drop off, the app automatically generate the bus schedule. GPS tracking of the vehicle with real-time monitoring of location, boarding points and destinations are feasible with this software. The app facilitates multiple users to create profiles of students, drivers and parents and to share the data among them. Besides, reports on fee collection, fuel costs, and vehicle use enable improved efficiency of student transportation and profit for the institution. Monitoring of student attendance using the system helps to ensure the security of student and his presence in the bus. The app also helps to track the transportation fee status and pay the amount from anywhere. Instant alerts will be sent to the student when the student uses the vehicle to travel to and from home.

Schooberry Campus Management Software leverages tools to help schools and parents track vehicles in real time, save data on students, view schedules for routes, access reports etc. The mobile app ensures student safety and gives peace of mind to schools and parents.
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