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News:- Managing Inventory of Your Institution

In fact, inventory management is all about getting everything ‘right’. By good inventory management system we mean having the right quantity of items, at right price, at right time in the right place. But, does it happen exactly every time especially in an educational institution? Yes. You can manage your school inventory in the perfect manner using Schooberry Inventory Master from Oréll.

There is no doubt that ability to effectively manage inventory levels and track items throughout the financial year is essential for the administrators to calculate the expenditure. Oréll inventory management software is a comprehensive solution for tracking inventory levels, orders, stock movement, purchase order and many other related activities. It is a custom-made tool for managing inventory data that was generally stored in hard-copy form earlier. With the use of Inventory Master, you can simplify the process of organizing and tracking stock to improve efficiency of your institution while reducing expense.

With the time-saving Oréll inventory management solution, the institute staff can streamline their school inventory in a more effective manner. The assets of the school including various items such as furniture, computers, lab equipments, and other supplies can be managed economically and resourcefully using Inventory Master. The software is flexible and easy to handle while dealing with school’s stock taking and warehousing needs. It also monitors the items that are transferred between various departments of the school.

Inventory Master manages the catalogue and supply levels in the school store including purchase management, stock transfer management, sales management and a list of essential reports, which help the user to determine stock levels and add new batches of stock to the existing ones. This easy-to-use inventory management solution is beneficial to access the current status of stocks available with the institute at a single mouse click. Besides, the integration of Bar-coding systems in stock management simplifies the tracking of your school resources in a very cost-effective and customized manner.

By using Schooberry Inventory Master, your school gets true value on its investment by eliminating stagnant inventory and task redundancy.
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