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News:- Information Management with Schooberry School Automation System

Data managing is one of the arduous tasks educational institutions face in the challenging environment, where they need to thrive and cope with the demands of faculty, students, parents and management. Since it is very crucial to manage the details regarding every constituents of the institute, an effective management solutions is inevitable for school administrators. School automation system helps schools, colleges and universities to save millions of dollars and time in manual processes like enrollment, admission, attendance, report card, etc.
Schooberry school management system is a comprehensive solution tailor-made to meet the requirements of school managing, keeping all the records secure and up-to-date. It provides web-based and mobile applications to help manage data in real-time so as to make faster and well-informed decisions. With this fully automated solution, academic and non-academic data storing along with precise reporting is possible for the administrators to make the information visualisation and data processing quick and trouble-free. Schooberry dashboard provides you quick access to the reports and lists of information at a glance to help drive decision making and tracking of data. The data helps institutions anticipate problems in student absenteeism, dropouts or retention before they happen. Besides, your institute can keep the education standard and competency through the effective management of workforce also.
Schooberry enables secure access to data right from the enrollment process through the admission tasks and it will continue till the issuing of the transfer certificate to a student. This automated solution ensures that the information is distributed to the key stakeholders including students, teachers and parents. The institute management can maintain control over the data and make certain that what data the students and parents can access, without compromising the safety and integrity of the institution.
Schooberry maintains effective academic processes with improved student and faculty service in a cost-saving and productive manner.
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