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News:- How Effective is HR Management with Schooberry School Automation System

Human Resource management is one of the most crucial tasks every institution needs to handle with utmost care and precision. It is common to have mistakes in manual processing and this usually creates problems for administrative officers. A single mistake in the documentation and calculation can lead to generation of erroneous financial statement at the end of a year or month. School/college management software is considered as the finest option to get rid of this dilemma.

Schooberry is one of the best school ERP software solutions available in the industry to keep the administrators free of slips in workforce management and payroll calculations. The one stop solution of Schooberry is helpful to manage all employees from their admission to the exit process. The customisable application form integrated in Schooberry enables candidates to fill in the respective recruitment form based on the post of application. Administrators also feel it easy to filter the admission process through the customisable forms.

Efficient management of payroll is another possible result of Schooberry School Management Software. Payroll administration with accurate calculation of bonus, deductions, allowances and other extra payments can be done with the software. Customisable and robust payroll form enables effective processing of payroll with quick and easy procedures. The automatic pay calculation reduces the need of manual processing and eliminates paperwork through the automated generation of payslips on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The leave management system available in the software enables the clerks to make payroll calculation easy with leave management.

Schooberry unlike other automation systems provide authenticated payslip with a few mouse clicks. It also lets administrators one click payslip approval and reject facilities. The normal and advanced search facility incorporated in the software ensures transparent processing of workforce details and payroll.
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