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News:- Highlights of Schooberry Reach Alerts

Students suffer most from the lack of communication among teachers, administrative staff and parents in schools and colleges. School automation system is the advanced solution that most educational institutions now opt for to revolutionise the administrative tasks. Alert/SMS system is one of the exciting features which makes the school management software more popular and advantageous for school managements.

Schooberry Reach Alerts is a comprehensive solution that enables network messaging and sending alerts to all the computers and cell phone users linked with the institution. By using the Reach Alert module, the administrative department and teachers can send bulks SMS/emails to thousands of users at the same time. The instant messaging facility of Schooberry makes it ideal for small, medium or large sized institutions to send important messages to students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders of the institution.

Another SRA advantage is its user-friendly interface and ability to send individual or bulk alerts to user defined recipient groups across networks as well as schedule deliveries and set validity of alerts. The module helps the institute stakeholders with real-time updates on the various academic and non-academic activities of the campus. The system keeps track of the communication in a very effective way using its smart features.

With its advanced features, the admin can customize the SMS settings to deliver alerts according to specific events that occur in the institution. The alert system saves time and money of both the institute and parents. School management can use SRA to communicate information about their institute as well as about the child to the parents in a very productive mode.
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