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News:- Easy Front Office Management with Schooberry School Automation System

Schooberry is one of the best school automation systems now available in the education industry providing finest solutions for the school management operations. Front office management is one of the arduous tasks that every administrative staff faces in an institution.

Front Office management solution of Schooberry is operated in the reception area of an institution. By using this module, the administrative staffs can properly manage all the reception activities with paperless functioning. SFO enables proper categorizing of contacts, appointments, schedules and supporting correspondence in one place. Front office executives and reception manager can use the module to effectively track and manage visitors, create and issue entry tickets provide students, parents and other visitors who come to the institution during various events.

Besides tracking the visitors, it also helps the receptionist to keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls and telephone messages routed through the front office. It facilitates easy communication with the staff of the institution. The software provides unique options to receive and deliver packages that arrive at the institution front desk through courier or postal services. The system enables the executive to enter all the relevant details of the walk-ins, phone enquiries, and appointments with teachers, non-teaching staff and principal. With Schooberry Front Office, you can easily generate gate pass with single mouse click.

The user-friendly interface of SFO provides easy to use options that can be operated by any user with no prior experience or training in software. Also, the software can control the entire processes of the front office desk with single staff and no paperwork is required.
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