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News:- Easy Cafeteria Management with Schooberry School Automation System

If you are looking for a canteen management solution, then try Cafeteria Master, the comprehensive solution for school or college cafeteria administration. Cafeteria Master is a one-stop canteen management software module which streamlines and standardises the cafeteria related activities such as menu planning, order placing, billing etc.

Cafeteria Master is specifically designed to identify, account and settle the sales and billing information of students, staff and guests of the institution.

The module will be linked with the staff/student database of the institution so that the administrator can access their details. This complete automated solution helps to make the sales, order placing, delivery and payments effortless. It also allows menu and item tracking and fast transaction preventing manual accounting errors and eliminates malpractices. The fully automated functioning of Schooberry Cafeteria Master keeps precise track of the bills paid and amount due. The paperless payment option helps the institution to save a lot of time and money avoiding manual billing and papers. Menu planning and scheduling along with listing of items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cost per meal served, total cost of the meal etc can also be tracked precisely with this module.

Simplified cafeteria administration with accurate tracking of inventory operations, sales, credit and dues are the key features which distinguish SCM from other cafeteria management solutions.

Generation of precise reports based on the menu, date/item wise sales, dues and payments to the cafeteria is easy with SCM. It also enables full computerization of cafeteria functionalities, reducing data redundancy and ensuring optimal security. SCM provides maximum functionality and minimum upkeep, while offering the greatest range of flexibility accommodating a variety of features.
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