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News:- Customised Reports with School Automation System

Customisation is the major concern of many institutions while they opt for school automation system. Once customization is provided, it opens the floodgates to countless other feature requests and customisation. Customised school management software cannot be opted by all institutions as the requirements are different.

This is why Schooberry school automation system has been specifically designed to facilitate all types of data required. Schooberry allows you to generate user-specific individual reports for admin, teachers and students, as the data required for each person would be different. Reports generated by Schooberry will be exact and it will include the necessary data required by the admin, teacher, students or parents.

Consider a situation where one staff of the institution may need a report on the list of students who got admitted on a particular date, another may want a report on the guardian details of students of a particular class; another admin may need the contact details of all the employees of the institution in a single report. Schooberry enables you to generate all the desired reports just by using the filters in the reports section, removing any confusion or unwanted data.

The student database in Schooberry school management system records almost all data possible on the student and is constantly updated with the added changes in these student details. In Schooberry, reports can be constantly customised and modified with various details needed to generate reports on the latest data of the student or staff.
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