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News:- Customise Admission Cycle with Schooberry School Automation System

Admission procedure usually involves multiple steps that most often are handled by different people, especially if it is intake process for international programmes across different campuses. In such cases, manual processing of admission process is always stressful for admin staff. Effective school automation system is in demand to reduce the workload of administrators to a great extent and keep them smiling right through the admission processes.
Ranking of students based on the marks they scored is very important in admission procedures. A campus management software like Schooberry helps to resolve this issue by assigning different ranking parameters specified for each admission cycle. The ranking parameters can be assigned with score and weightage. The sum of the parameters will comprise the overall marks scored. Besides, the admin can set various parameters like work experience, aptitude test score, interview and so on.
The ranking parameters can have specific function linked with them, which is customized to suit the entire admission process. The admission staff can customise the formulae for each parameters based on the individual programme requirements and can also be modified with the altering needs. The Schooberry admission management system allows you to generate various types of reports including uploaded documents, area-wise applications, slot-wise list of students, standard application reports and partially-filled applications.
In short, using Schooberry administrators can configure and customize the complete admission process end-to-end. Every stage of the admission process can be examined with reports which can also be modified to ensure that no errors are present.
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