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News:- Care your Institute Stakeholders with Schooberry Medical Care

A good school automation system with efficient medical care management module is vital for education institutions which care for the health of their staff and students. Medical Care module of Schooberry is a comprehensive solution for handling the medical information of the institute stakeholders in a very efficient and secured manner.

Schooberry health information management system is highly beneficial for administrative to develop health policy, track and list details of policy holders, identify current health care needs and plan for future requirements. In addition, it also helps to store, analyse, use, and transmit information to meet legal as well as administrative records-keeping requirements. Maintenance of sensitive health records of students, staff members, blood donors & recipients along with their contact details can be kept safe with Schooberry Medical Care solution.

The integrated clinical information management system of SMC keeps list of all blood donors, maintain database of health tips for various common diseases and allergies and keep note of the medicines that are used in case of medical emergencies and much more. It also helps to keep details of the medical insurance policy holders and easy retrieval of the information. The unique options of the module allow the admin to add the details of the staff/student- medical summary to alternative contact numbers in case any prior medical emergency.

The user-friendly interface of SMC makes the medical information management trouble-free and it offers all the necessary tools to run your campus clinic smoothly and efficiently. While using SMC, you need not worry about the manual documentation of students’ clinic visits, medications, immunisations, and screenings. By its well-organized, secure and 100% automated processing, creation of individual care plans and close scrutiny of the data is easy. In short, this campus management software module can be used for the ideal management and supervision of health data of both students and staff members of your institution.
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