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News:- Better Parental Involvement with School Automation Software

Most schools allot staff to attend to parents who visit them at school to discuss curricular or co-curricular issues of their child. This time consuming practice has been followed by institutions for many years. For a reasonably large school, management had to dedicate a significant number of staff to attend large number of daily visitors. Schooberry school automation system is a way out to help institutions cut down the time staff spends for visitors and to increase the comfort of parents.

Even if the issues discussed are trivial in nature, the absence of an alternative mechanism to put the matter forward to staff, parents had to visit school taking out time from their busy schedule. Using Schooberry School ERP system is a solution to help institution authorities to save their valuable time and to support parents in forwarding their complaints without wasting time and money. This school automation system is very much helpful for staff as well as for working parents on a busy schedule. Built on integrated platform, this system produces win-win result for both parents and schools, whereby school's staff can spend more time on core academic activities and parents can interact with the staff anywhere at anytime and have all their queries answered in a more efficient manner.

Schooberry enables better communication between parents and school improving student’s performance and cost-effectiveness of the stakeholders, meeting the changing requirements of the institution. The online interaction through integrated tool promotes better parental involvement which in turn increases educational outcome and effective management of the institution.
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