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News:- Benefits of Schooberry Fee Administration Module

In this digital era, schools are increasingly moving towards technology solutions to improve the administrative efficiency of their institution. School automation systems with optimal features enable best possible fee collection and management in a streamlined and systematic way. Schooberry fee administration system is desirable for any type of schools or higher education institutions to automate their fee/billing process and improve greater revenue, which saves 90% of time and labour.

Schooberry fee management system solves most of the problems schools and the institute constituents face through the accurate tracking of fee payments in real time. Using the fee management software, staff, students and parents can use the Schooberry technology to connect various departments such as admission, finance, conveyance, hostel, library and more. The automated solution will increase the efficiency of educational institutions with synchronization of data on fee collections. With less paperwork and manual calculations, the user can access student’s fee collection and unpaid fee details on their mobile devices from anywhere at anytime, beyond the campus.

Given below are some of the benefits you will find while using Schooberry fee automation: Schooberry fee automation system is highly secure with easy management and role-based access in a multi-user environment. It makes you feel comfortable and user-friendly in all the accounts management. Easy handling of the fee processing helps to do paperless fee collection and billing in a few steps.

Optimal transparency along with improved cash flow and management in the payments helps to track and reduce fraudulent operations.

Enables the staff to create student profiles with relevant data including class, correspondence, and parent information.

Allows faster fee payment from website/mobile using various secure payment gateways for the hassle-free fee remittance Schooberry allows customizing fee structure based on the unique needs with the ability to set discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease. Improve revenue of the institution through the quick and efficient financial operations.

The automated reporting system will generate customised fee payment reports and track unpaid fee details of students. Keep the parents and students informed on fee payments with real-time messages and reminders via emails, SMS alerts and push notifications from mobile devices.
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