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News:- Alumni Networking with Schooberry School Automation System

Building strong relationships with alumni, faculty, and your community is critical to advance success, especially in education institutions. Schools have to cultivate strong alumni networks for its successful running. Schooberry school automation system is an efficient management software module which helps to manage alumni networks, donation efforts, sponsorship activities etc by harnessing your communities’ voice and simplifying daily alumni relationships.

Schooberry Alumni Sleuth is a platform which enables former students to interact among themselves and with the institute after their schooling/graduation.

Accurate and up-to-date contact records thereby ensuring proper communications to reach the right people is the main feature of Schooberry. It helps to eliminate outdated or invalid contact addresses, emails, and phone numbers from the institute alumni database. With the help of Alumni Sleuth, the institute can enter and process thousands of addresses and emails in the database for keeping strong connection with the former students. This module is valuable in creating user profiles for alumni database management. It offers an innovative platform for information exchange, interactive discussions, facility for donations and more.

The Schooberry alumni portal can be linked to your campus website and can be accessed using username and password. SAS is designed as a social networking space for the alumni of a school or a college. Registered users can create different groups, add members to groups, post messages, plan events & meetings and view news updates. It is a powerful search tool with robust search functionality and easy to use interface. It boasts of excellent job search functionality which can be used effectively by prospective employers and alumni alike.
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