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Discipline Management System

It’s hard to teach effectually if the students are uncontrollable. So maintaining discipline is one of the most important responsibilities regarding a school.
If you wish to run a disciplined school full of productive and polite students, Schooberry Discipline Management is the ultimate solution. Schooberry Discipline Management module is a powerful solution that enables tutors to document, track, and report disciplinary incidents in a secure, intuitive, and cost-effective manner. Without any punishment or special treats, the staff members of the school can experience a dramatic improvement in discipline throughout the school.
HDM provides the school with a single interface for reporting disciplinary issues, maintaining related records, tracking the disciplinary actions and generate actionable reports to compare and analyze the discipline variance of multiple classes. Besides, the faculty members are allowed to input feedback about students that can be used to form the content of the conduct certificate. In short, HDM is ideal for schools belonging to all grade levels and sizes.

At a glance:

  • Perfect discipline management software for any school
  • Instant access of any student's disciplinary history
  • File multiple discipline occurrences, students involved, follow-up actions, teacher comments and incident locations
  • Track problematic students and, produce a complete report.
  • Print discipline histories of each student
  • Generates individualized messages to report student discipline incidents to parents.
  • Analytical and customized report on issues and disciplinary action taken
  • Graphical and statistical analysis of issues based on occurrence.
  • Facilitate staff, parents and students to access discipline data confidentially and securely online with Oréll Cyber Campus web portal.
  • Create follow-up reports after discipline incidents
  • Breakdown issues among teachers: Know which discipline issues are affecting your staff
  • Reports based on location, time and grade level to ensure security
  • Quickly accessible discipline report to produce lists
  • Generate student and staff discipline data based on respective ID
  • Faculty feedback on individual students or whole class.
  • Generate conduct certificate based on discipline record and faculty feedback

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